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O​ur Goat Soap. Handmade with fresh goats                       milk and luxury oils
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Bundaller miniature goat stud
Coochin QLD
​Goat milk soap has rejuvenating, moisturising and softening properties. We have created our own blend of luxury oils as it is important to us that all our products are gentle for all skin types.

​Natural clays and botanical products are used for colouring and texture as well as using only Essential oils for fragrance.

​Our milk was produced from mainly  "Nuwby" miniature goats.

We do not add any preservatives, artificial colours or water in any of our soaps

Our Goat Soap is a boutique Business...
We do not employ staff and we print all our labels on our home computer. Our Calico bags for our Everyday Soap are made by ourselves. Making goats milk soap is a hobby that helps pay for our goat feeding and care.

"Goat Milk Soap" is not a trademark and does not mean NATURAL soap
Unfortunately some sellers are advertising goat milk soap that is made in factories with all the usual chemicals. These soaps are advertised as Goat Milk Soap and usually with no list of ingredients listed. Some of this soap is made with Goat Milk Powder, some with watered down Goats Milk. If the Goats Milk Soap you are purchasing is cheap, please consider asking for an ingredients list before you purchase. Natural Home made Goat Milk Soap is not white, unless Titanium Dioxide is added

you cannot wash yourself with just pure oil. If oils are listed as saponified, its still means a caustic product has been used to enable the saponification process. Not listing the caustic product on their ingredients list is being deceptive to buyers  

Our Goat Soap

Ingredients in our soap

Pure Goats milk

oils: olive, castor, palm, coconut, almond, grape seed and rice bran oils. lye and botanicals and clays used for colouring and Essential oils if fragranced.